TOG Y1r U3 W20

This week should be an interesting one as we add in the second of our new adventures this semester. Our church is starting a new homeschool co-op which will meet every other Friday. We've met once already, and this Friday will be our second meeting. But, we are also meeting on Monday at an ice rink for a skating field trip. This will mean that the Princesses need to work a little harder to get their work done in time.

We will all be reading 1 Kings 12-22 and 2 Kings 1-10 for our Bible.

Princess E
Math Drills - it's very obvious to me that this Princess has been simply fast counting in her head. She has done well grade wise, but doesn't really know her facts. So, we're going to camp out here a while. I've given her some suggestions to help her move faster on this, but she doesn't usually like to follow my suggestions.
Growing With Grammar - 4.5 to 4.8
Writing - we'll be working on learning the format of a newspaper article, the 5 Ws, and using a graphic organizer I found here. We'll write an article, not for our unit newspaper but for practice, on our favorite animal.
Activities - This princess will research leprosy, and must use several examples in the Bible in a short oral report.

Princess S
Math U See Beta - This Princess surprised me by doing excellent on borrowing. She seems to understand it pretty well. So after doing the Unit 3 review test we will go on to lesson 23.
Growing With Grammar - lessons 11-20 (Remember we are reviewing first grade stuff here so don't think I'm a slave driver. These are very easy for her, but I've discovered she benefits from frequent review in this subject.)
Activities - This princess will research ravens, and must use examples from the Bible in a short oral report.
Writing is the same as above.

Princess L
We started the 100 Easy Lessons book and went through lesson 5 last week. Really, she already knows all the letter sounds, so this is more to get her used to the idea of saying things slow to sound them out, but then repeating them quickly so as to actually hear the word. After lesson 8 I will probably take out the set of Bob Books I have and see if she can handle book one. This was the first book each of the other princesses read and they took such pride in reading it to their younger sibling and for Dad.

Princess M
This little gal is growing like a weed. She said two new words this week - uh oh and nigh night (night night). She climbs everything - no lie - so I'm thankful we no longer have a bunkbed in the house. I can see that the two nap thing will have to be transitioned out soon as our schedule is filling up, but my hope is that her afternoon naps will be longer as a trade out. Princess L is looking forward to not being required to sleep during her nap time (although she only does maybe twice a week anymore any way) when she turns 4. We will then switch to calling it room time, and I will probably try to get a small timer for her to see when she can actually come out (so that she stops knocking on her door every three minutes to ask if it's time yet!)



Life - It's Just That Simple

This is a short but effective video on a very important day. I feel it is so important that I am posting it on both of my blogs. You never know what the future holds for anyone. If God created the life, then He has a purpose for it. Life - it's just that simple ...


TOG Y1r U3 W19

Princess E (UG)
Bible - 1 Kings 1-11 and 1 Chronicles 28-29, Proverbs 3
Math - MUS Gamma Test 16 - then we will spend the next several weeks doing a five minute drill sheet with the multiplication facts until she can pick up speed and accuracy.
Growing With Grammar - 4.1 to 4.4
Reading - What the Bible is All About (excerpts)
Writing - this quarter both princesses will be learning about newspapers and summary writing. They will together be writing various articles on Ancient Greece for a newspaper which they will put together. We will have copies made and give them out to relatives.
And as with all TOG units we will do vocabulary on Quizlet, copywork of our Important People for the week, Student Activity Pages (SAPs), a history response page, a map for geography, and a worksheet I found on the Hebrew Kings.

Princess S (LG)
Math - MUS Beta Lesson 22 - this is introducing borrowing. I am expecting, as with her sister, that we may camp out on this lesson for a few weeks. But, she may surprise me.
Growing With Grammar - Princess S finished her last book and we will be starting this series. We will do several pages a day as we are doing the 1st and 2nd grade book. This should be all review, but these concepts don't seem to resonate with this princess. This week she will do lessons 1-10.
Everything else - pretty much the same as above.

Princess L (PreK)
We will be starting the 100 Easy Lessons book. I anticipate we won't do this every day, but more like three days a week.

Princess M
She is discovering books. Not so much the sitting still to read, but is beginning to enjoy climbing up in my lap, turning all the pages in 15 seconds, then climbing down to get another book. It's a start. She is also still taking two naps a day, but I can see that will be ending soon. Our schedule will start picking up and we will have activities on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday mornings. This will make it hard to get the morning nap in - which usually means they start to not take it. It also means her afternoon naps will happen sooner and she won't sleep as late, which makes it harder to prepare dinner or do work with her older sisters. We'll do the best we can with the time we've got!


P.S. - DH taught Princess L a joke that she is finally able to say. Here it is:

Princess L: Knock, Knock.
Other person: Who's there?
Princess L: Impatient cow.
Other person: Impatient cow ...
Princess L: MOOOOOO!

She does this with perfect timing and gets a laugh every time. The thing is that I don't think she gets the joke herself, but knows that everyone else does and thinks it's funny - so she tells it.

Starting Second Quarter

So, I was sitting mighty pretty for second quarter. I had finished entering all assignments for the rest of the year just before Christmas and was able to enjoy most of our break. We're set to start tomorrow. Friday, I decided to upgrade HST. Went through all the steps, opened up the upgrade and it was fine, decided to delete the shortcut for the other one. But, I wasn't paying close attention and deleted the wrong file. I lost EVERYTHING! Not only all the stuff from first semester - assignments and grades and such, but all my assignments for second semester too. So, I've spent the last several nights frantically putting in all the new assignments and typing in previous math assignments so as to keep the grade up on that. I am done with all the third quarter stuff and will enter the fourth quarter stuff over the next few weeks. I learned the hard lesson of always back up your files on an external drive. Won't be making that mistake again!



Princess L Funnies - Again!

Well, some of this is actually not so funny - now that I think about this. My oldest Princess had a thing about cutting her own hair when she was little. She finally got it that I didn't like it when she did that, so she moved on to cutting her sister's hair. The first time she did it, Princess S was three, and didn't really know any better. She had such beautiful curls and I cried when I saw them on the floor - convinced they'd be gone forever. Much to her dismay, her curls are here to stay. The second time, though, Princess S was about six. And she let her sister cut her hair, knowing that her sister would be in trouble. So they both got consequences for that one.

Princess L is following in her big sister's footsteps. She has cut her own hair for the third time. This time, she acquired a scissors from her sister's room. Said sister was not to have the scissors in there. It was my kitchen shears, which I'd been looking for for several days, which dear, sweet Princess had taken to her room to wrap presents with. On the 24th, my BIL called and asked if he could stop by to see the girls. He lives out of state but was here for Christmas. Princess L put on one of her shows for him. Then she disappeared as I went into the kitchen to punch down my dough for Cinnamon Rolls. She came back a little later and I thought her hair looked a little funky. Sure enough, it had obviously been cut. It was almost 2pm, and we had Christmas Eve services at 6pm. I needed to have everyone fed, showered and in their Christmas outfits in order to get pictures before leaving at 5:30. Fantastic Sams was open until 3pm. Our babysitter works there. She looked at it and said there were two options, because it was so short on the one side. Either cut the other side to match and leave the back long - a mullet, or a short all over pixie. I choose the pixie. Now, I'll admit she does look cute, but we've been trying to grow her hair out since her last hair cutting experience several months ago.

Fast forward two weeks. The other morning Princess L was downstairs watching Sid the Science Kid with Princess E. All of a sudden Princess L comes racing upstairs. She runs to our craft drawer and runs back downstairs with crayons. She says to me, as she is running past, "I need these to write in my journal. I have so much things to learn!" Later that day, Princess asks me to make her a princess crown out of aluminum foil. I told her I could when I was done with what I was doing. She goes back to her room. Ten minutes later, DH comes into the room, followed by Princess L. "What's in her hair?" I hear him ask. After investigating, I discovered she has covered her hair with school glue in an attempt to glue her self-made crown to her head.

As you can see, my Princesses keep me on my toes. It's never a dull moment around here. Someone is always getting into something. And sometimes, I too am able to laugh.