TOG Year 2 Weeks 11 and 12

It's been a while since I posted. We spent about three weeks dealing with, most likely, H1N1. I say H1N1 because I matched our symptoms with it, but I was not willing to pay $85 per person to go hold down my screaming kids for a blood draw to confirm it, then to have them say they cannot do anything for it and to let it run its course. Seemed a waste of money. But a neighbor girl, who probably caught it from us because she was on a two week school break and only had contact with us, was confirmed with it. So I will try to condense for you what we did do over those weeks. We had a total of one week off.

Princess E
Latin - Lesson 5.1 to 5.4 and Exercises 4.3 to 5.4
Math U See – Delta Lesson4 and 5. We are stuck on 5, which deals with parallel and perpendicular. I'm not sure why she isn't remembering the difference. Since I told her that parallel lines are like the double l's in the word parallel, she is getting that. But not the other yet.
Literature - I, Juan de Pareja
TOG - vocabulary, geography study, important people
Reading - The Renaissance (excerpts), Michaelangelo, Exploration and Conquest (excerpts), First Voyage to America
Read Alouds - The Story of the World Volume 2 (excerpts)
Week 11 was a focus on the Renaissance artists of northern Italy and week 12 was a focus on the early explorers, with an in depth study of Christopher Columbus's voyages.

Princess S
Growing With Grammar - Lessons 1.15-2.1
Math U See - Gamma Lesson 9 and start lesson 10
Literature - Mario's Angels and Columbus
TOG and Read Alounds - same as above
Reading - Usborne Internet Linked Middle Ages (excerpts), Leonardo DaVinci, The Renaissance

Princess L
MFW Kindy - finish Lesson 4 - /a/ is for apple, begin Lesson 5 - /n/ is for nest
The final activities for the apple stuff got skipped because of the flu. I didn't have the energy to make it a priority, so we mostly did the pencilwork and reading stuff.
Math U See - Primer - finish lesson 9 and move on to lesson 10. Now we add the "hundreds" to the concept of place value. We've been using mostly the manipulatives and various games we come up with. I think she is starting to get the idea, though she has a hard time writing the numerals correctly. But she is only 4, so I won't worry.

Princess M
This little one has discovered writing - on walls that is! I was thinking I'd maybe try to paint some walls this winter, but she has quickly changed my mind. All of my princesses have done lots of writing on walls. The older ones still get caught from time to time, much to my displeasure. I'm sure this is why the little two have also picked up the bad habit, regardless of how many consequences are doled out for the infraction. She also is able to reach many of the light switches now, so lights are constantly found on throughout the house.