A Life Well Lived

Today, a little before 5pm, my 93 year old Grandmother was ushered into the presence of her Savior and King.  She entered peacefully, finally free of the pain she lived through grudge-free for the last several months of her life.  She lived a hard life.  Born in 1919, she lived through the depression, which shaped her in ways that would carry throughout her life.  She lived most of her years on a farm, working long hard hours, and living harvest to harvest.  She didn't know any different, and never aspired to more than the life God had blessed her with.  Grandma was always frugal.  (Some people today might call her cheap.)  But I think she knew the secret to living life well.  She used what God gave her to it's fullest.  She celebrated every day He gave her to the best of her ability.  She gave the credit to God for all that she accomplished.  She was a woman of strong faith who loved the LORD and her family with her last breath.  I have been blessed to call her Grandma.  I know she is singing praises to Jesus now, and visiting old family and friends she's not seen in a long time.  She is in her eternal home now, living in her perfected body, and enjoying all that God's grace has seen fit to bless her.  While the time until I see her may be seem long, it will be but a heartbeat to her now.  It's only goodbye for now, Grandma, until we meet again.

Frieda Engel Wenger McElwain   3/20/1919 - 3/25/2012