God's Praising Princesses Party

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Finally I had the time to sit down and get all the links together. For our Princesses, they get a group friend party at 5, 10 and 15. That meant that Princess L would get her first friend party this year. She had so many different ideas. But I had one of my own. Last year, she took a 12 week dance course from an absolutely wonderful Christian dance teacher, Miss Karin. Princess L loved her and loved dancing. I thought it would be fun to surprise her and bring Miss Karin in to give Princess L and her friends a dance lesson. Miss Karin incorporates Scripture into literally everything she does, and she lets all the girls know that they are daughters of King Jesus - which makes them all princesses! Her class that she taught Princess L was called God's Praising Princesses, and she brought so much love and fun to every class. All the moms of the girls at the party have told me that their princesses cannot stop talking about how much fun they had at the party. Here are some photos of all the fun!


Kid Funnies for Today

So last night, Princess L wore her Cinderella dress to dinner. Not an unusual occurrence - she has four princess dresses to choose from. She ate only the small amount of required food and then brought her plate over to the sink. After spending about five minutes with the soap sponge wand, she tells us all, "I want to be a dish washer when I grow up."

Now that alone is funny - and we all laughed. I thought she really should aim higher than that. But before I could say that, Princess S replied, "Why on earth would you want to be a machine instead of a person?" I really laughed at that one.

Princess M has another new word. She came up to me yesterday and told me that she was a "Frincess". Can you guess who she spends most of her time with?


Princess M Funnies

Had to get these down while I remember them.

Princess M has a favorite new word - Bookie (cookie)

Today she flattened some play-doh and came up to me and made chomping sounds and said, "Me Bookie Monster." I figured I could send her to anyone who suffers from habitual gambling.

Also, we were watching a movie the other night, and she kept sticking a finger in her nose. After pulling it out twice, the third time I gave her hand a little slap and said, "No more nose picking." She turned to me, scruntched up her eyebrows, held up her pointer finger and said, "No hitting, Mommy!" I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Then I had to pull myself together to give her the next speech.


Two More Songs By Princess E

So today, Princess E went over to her Uncle's house and laid down tracks for two more songs she has written. The first one is called Walk on Water. Her Uncle added one other track after she left, so she didn't know how it was going to sound until he put them all together. She was so happy with how it turned out.

The second song is called I'll Do It Your Way. Originally, she and Princess S did this song together. They worked out some awesome harmonies while doing chores one day. Unfortunately, Princess S decided she didn't want to take part in today's recording session. So Princess E did both the melody and the harmony herself.


TOG Y2 W27

We are finished with Unit three. I'm getting excited for Unit four, as I believe that it is this portion of history - the American Revolution, the writing of the Constitution, the faith of the founding fathers, and the establishment of our great country - is so important for the preservation of our freedom. It is so sad that the public schools rush through this time period, and trivialize it's importance. Most textbooks are so generalized that students no longer know what is in the Constitution, much less the importance it plays as the second most important piece of writing after the Bible.

Princess E

Latin: Lesson 13.2, Exercise 13.1 to 13.4, Word Power G1-3
Math-U-See: Finish lesson 16
Literature: The Witch of Blackbird Pond-finish
TOG: vocab, important people copywork, geography study
Reading: The Awakening of Europe (excerpts), Making Thirteen Colonies, George Washington's World (excerpts), Colonial Crafts
Read Aloud: The Story of the World 3 (excerpts), Colonial Living (excerpts)

Princess S
Growing with Grammar: 3.21 to 3.22 and Chapter 3 review
Math-U-See: Finish Lesson 16
Literature: The Farewell Symphony
TOG: same as above
Reading: Life on a Southern Plantation
Read Aloud: same as above

Princess L
MFW Kindy: Lesson 14 /h/ is for horse and Lesson 15 /e/ is for elephant
Math-U-See: Primer finish lesson 15
This week, Princess L read her first book. It was called The Sled. It was part of our curriculum. But after we were done, we added the Bob Books. I couldn't find the first book (which was odd because it was with the group last week when I pulled them out) but it wasn't there yesterday. But she read books two through four. And though she approached it begrudgingly, she was pretty proud of herself when she was done.

Princess M
It is fun to hear new words each week. I wish I remembered the funny one from this week, but I forgot to write it down and now it's gone.

We're taking this next week off. My mom is coming to visit from NC, and Princess L is turning 5! She is getting her first party on Friday. (We do group parties at 5, 10 and 15 - which pretty much leaves us with one group party every year for the next several years.) I told her who is coming for kids, but am keeping her in the dark about the theme. Her wonderful dance teacher is coming to give a one hour "God's Praising Princesses" dance class. My mom sewed little tutus for all the girls, and they will all be designing their own crowns. I bought pink strawberry cake mix, creamy white frosting, pink sprinkles, and Disney Princesses cupcake liners. Should be a blast.


TOG Y2 W26

We're almost done with unit three! We're about to study the Revolution and the Constitution, which is my favorite period of history to study. And at this juncture in time, it is a very important topic to be studying. But for this past week, we were studying the French colonies in America and Canada.

Princess E
Latin: Lesson 13.1, Exercise 12.6 to 12.8, Vocab G
Math-U-See: Finish lesson 15 and start lesson 16
Literature: The Witch of Blackbird Pond-continue
TOG: vocab, important people copywork, geography study
Reading: The Awakening of Europe (excerpts), Making Thirteen Colonies, The Iroquois
Read Aloud: The Story of the World 3 (excerpts), Colonial Living (excerpts)

Princess S
Growing with Grammar: 3.18 to 3.20
Math-U-See: Begin Lesson 16
Literature: Paddle-to-the-Sea
TOG: same as above
Reading: The Iroquois, Life in New France
Read Aloud: same as above

Princess L
MFW Kindy: Lesson 12 /g/ is for goat and Lesson 13 /c/ is for cow
Math-U-See: Primer begin lesson 15
This little princess is really beginning to take off with her reading. One of the best purchases I have made for her are these phonics tiles. But I got mine at the dollar store. We pull out all the letters that we have done and play a word building game. She gets to pick the two consonants and I pick the vowel. Sometimes she picks them first; sometimes I pick first. Even though some of the words are nonsense words, she is able to sound them out with the phonics rules she already knows.

Princess M
I have to share a kid funny with this princess. I found her standing in the hallway in front of the bathroom with a dripping wet washcloth. She looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, "All clean, Mommy!" So I mosey on over to see what exactly she cleaned. The floor and counter top were quite wet. She showed me how she was "cleaning" everything - by dunking her washcloth in the open toilet! Thankfully, it was an already flushed toilet. I thanked her for her help, washed her hands, then brought her out to Princess E to supervise while I went back to sop up the extra water and wash everything down with Clorox Wipes. She loves to help, but oh the work required on the back end.