Princess M Update

We're moving right along with the alphabet.  We got through the letter M this week.  We've been looking forward to this letter, not only because it's the first letter of her name, but because M is for - M&M's!!!  Yes - nothing is better than schooling with chocolate!

Counting M&M's

Pattern Matching

Color Sorting


Eating M&M's

M is for Mouse

M is for Mosaic - sort of


TOG Year 1 Week 21-22

Princess M - PreToggler
Short and sweet, these weeks were J for Jesus and K for Kite. She rediscovered legos, and built this masterpiece.


Princess L - 1st Grade - LG
This week she are finishing up Explode the Code Book 4.  She will do the post test pages next week.  Then she will start Primary Language Lessons.  I'm planning to take it very slowly.  We are almost done with "B is for Betsy" and will be starting "Betsy and Billy" on Tuesday.  She is really loving that book.  Thursday we hit a milestone.  It is one that I find very bittersweet.  I caught her reading a chapter book all by herself because she wanted to.  Well, she wasn't by herself.  She was reading to our cat.


This is bittersweet because while I love the idea of her reading on her own because she wants to, it has also meant that the temptation to read on her own because she wants to will bring about much turmoil.  It will mean that she will see a book and forget what she is supposed to do and choose to read it instead.  It will mean not hearing me call her when she is reading, and me having to figure out what corner of the house she is curled up in.  (This was what I did, too, when I was young.)  It will mean sneaking the book she wants to read inside the book that she is supposed to be reading and hoping I don't catch her.  (This is a trick learned from her sisters.)

Princess S - 5th Grade - UG
Princess S spent the last two weeks trying to make up some missed assignments.  She is finally caught up.  I will be spending the next few weeks reading her history core assignment with her and helping her to take notes in order to answer the accountability questions with out TOG studies.  She finished up lesson 25 in Delta.  As part of our new schedule, she is going to get two weeks off from math when she finishes this book.  But then both girls are going to be in the same book for a little while.  In Latin, she is up to chapter 15.  She will be going to chapter 17 and then will get a lengthy break from Latin.  I will continue to have her play HeadventureLand and go through her flash cards once a week.

 Princess E - 7th Grade - D
Princess E is working steadily through her fraction math drills book.  I'm hoping that she will be back on track for Epsilon by March.  I'm going to print out some extra workbook pages from the MUS site first though.  She has taken the unit two Latin test and needs a little bit more work on the pronouns.  So I made a few games for her to play with the printed out charts, and printed some extra practice worksheets and will have her retest to see if she has finally figured them out.

The next month or two is going to be up in the air.  My grandmother is nearing the end of her almost 93 year journey.  We will most likely be going to ND for her funeral very soon.  I figure it will mean a one week break from our lessons, so instead of the spring break we had planned to take, I'm going to simply reschedule it for whichever week we end up needing to go to ND.  Please pray  that her journey home to her Savior would be as painless as possible, and that all of the plans and traveling that will need to happen would occur safely.  It has been a relatively easy winter, and they are certainly due for one big snowstorm up there.  I'm praying that it is not the week we will be going.