Accountable Kids - First Check In

We've been using this for two weeks.  Here's some initial thoughts.

First, if you considering using this, starting it on the onset of a two week Christmas break is probably not the way to go.  For some reason my princesses seem to think that a "break" for them means a break from every responsibility they have in life.  Not so - my dearies - not so.  It has been two weeks full of reminding them that they have responsibilities to attend to and they do not yet have free time.  "But we're on break," they replied in whining voices.  When mom gets to take a break from every single responsibility in life, then you may do so also.

Second, I was a bit optimistic, I think, in putting up a board for Princess M.   I figured she wanted one like her sissies, which she does, but she has managed to lose one card already and chewed on two others.  They're sturdy, but not that sturdy.

Finally, overall I am pleased with the system.  At this point, all the princesses and mom know at any given point in time what responsibilities are finished, and what needs to be done.  We're working on remembering to move the cards over when complete (princesses) and checking on the finished chores and handing out tickets in a timely fashion (mom).  I'm anxious to begin this during school next Monday.  After a couple weeks of using it during a normal school schedule, I'll post again on our progress.


Homeschooling6 said...

With regards to AK, the only thing I would do different from the beginning is change the way we use the tickets. I would still let them earn one to show they completed the chores, but I wouldn't attach anythig to it other than setting the goal for the sticker at the end of the day. Instead I would say, no computer, play outside etc. until ther morning chores are done.
I found that after a while Ehtan and Brent didn't care if I took a ticket away, so starting Monday, our ticket rule is going to change.

Teacher/Mom said...

My two eldest princesses - who are both extremely strong willed - could care less if I take one away. So I determined from the beginning that I would only take away a ticket for two things - lying and stealing. These are two issues which for some reason or other plague my princesses, and for which I have decided will result in the loss of all tickets. We've been quite lax the last two weeks on break, and tomorrow when we start back to school it will be a true test of how this is going to work for us.