Resurrection to Reformation Units 10-17

Yes – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted about Princess S.  She has been moving right along with RTR.  She has transitioned well to this program, for the most part.  She is able to do most of the activities on her own.  I wish I had time to do the Storytime box with her, but it just isn’t to be. 

Over the last few weeks she has learned about the Crusades, the Hundred Years’ War, the ending of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Exploration Age.  She has made some great history projects – which I neglected to get any photos of, mostly because I was working with her sisters while she was working on them.

In Math, she has just passed the lesson 10 test.  She could be a little bit further along at this point, but she keeps forgetting that she doesn’t need to do the B and C worksheets if she gets the A worksheet all correct.  So in almost every lesson she has done some unnecessary work.  Not that it’s all bad, but I do want her to pick up the pace a little bit. 

She is making very good progress on her Latin studies, however.  She is working on lesson 20 right now.  She is on pace to begin Level B before the end of the year, which I had hoped she would be able to do.  She does Latin completely on her own, as she refuses to ask for help.  I don’t worry about her pronunciation as she will not be speaking this anywhere. 

She has been taking writing classes through a co-op close to us.  They are working on IEW B.  Most of the information is a repeat of A, but I’m very grateful for the break from having to teach writing this year.  They love their teacher too, so that is a plus.  At the same co-op, she is taking an art class.  She is a very talented artist, who is stuck with a mom who cannot draw a stick figure to save her soul.  Thankfully, Jesus saved my soul, so I don’t have to worry about that!  We are looking forward to a two week break for the holidays.

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